Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rats Night of Terror (film review)

Rats Night of Terror? After viewing this picture it’s only clear its just another Italian horror movie that found life in one guys cheap imagination and rushed quickly for Drive-In markets in America… What country? = Italy
From the mind of Bruno Mattei a director high up there with Ed-Wood comes his 80s cinematic trash with a hilarious idea that rarely if ever takes it self seriously… It’s Not Zombies like in Hell of the Living Dead his other picture or Aliens or people… Just Rats. A must view for any horror fan

In the year 2230, 215 years after a nuclear war destroyed the surface of the world, a group of 11 nomatic motorcyclist scavengers arrive in a deserted town searching for food and water, when they are set upon by thousands of flesh-eating, mutant rats. Armed with various assault weapons, flame-throwers, and other sharp objects, the group must co-operate with each other to fight the increasing number of murderous rodents in order to survive the long night.

Reading this first that comes to your mind must be… Night of the Living Dead? The no doubt answer is yes but it does stay original on its own and a Low budget indever, but if I told you the ending you  would have to see it for yourself it’s hard to believe trust me, though a lot better than the most recent The Devil Inside. It’s solid and a lot better than I had in mind but the screenplay doesn’t even start to cover it positively
The acting is bad along the cast… When it comes to a screaming moment, they’re not screaming at anything? The Camera pans to what their looking at and its 5 or more rats? They never heard of The Foot? The Dubbing is even worse along with the dialogue, You can see the commination difference that half spoke Italian and the others English then just redubbed it later.

“OH NO JAM… RATS!!! (she didn’t even finish his name)

Bruno Mattei’s direction is an impressive indever not just relying on like his previous pictures but more the tension and build up and the movies creepy setting and atmosphere that works really well and hides a lot of the negatives. The soundtrack is a pass but not bad like the Special Effects…
Here are some facts I found

Presented itself in Germany as a 3rd part in the Bronx Warriors trilogy

Shot on the same sets as Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America, Bruno Mattei and his crew get half the set by night but must clean it all up before morning so thye rushed most shots.

Was cut about 5 minutes for its UK video release but nothing for gore, It was the violence that Breaches Animal Cruelty act in some scene. But these cuts where later restored for the Vipco DVD after they announced that it doesn’t breach the act anymore

Overall it’s a decent way to kill an Hour and Half and its twist ending will have you saying WTF for the next week or Two.

Jesse’s score – 65%


  1. Sounds like a fun b-movie to watch, great review Jesse

  2. You told me this was a must-see, yet you pass it off as being just alright. Man, I don't get you. Nonetheless, fine coverage of the film; and I will be seeing it.

  3. Sorry, I did pass it off as being above average, but I mainly mention it's a view for horror fans everywhere. I might bump up my score one day if watching it with friends