Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Postal (video game review)

No game series could became more legendry after Manhunt with Postal, A video game develop by a rather small production company “Running with Scissors” and debated at E3 and Tokyo Game Show in 1997 Postal and the series would soon takes its place as being one of the top 10 most controversial games of all time.
To coin with my blog, I decided now and then to review some video games… I’m not a fan but I need to build up on something and re-design my blog…. Now heres a Question "Have you Ever Had One of Those Days?"

Plot? – None, your objective is take control of the an unnamed Man “The Postal Dude” and commit Mass Murder on each level while gunning down police and Soldiers of Fortune and other hazards.

Gameplay – You have a variety of weapons  raging from Guns right Down to Grenades that you find on your conquest of Mass-Murder, Other than that there is nothing else. You can do execution moves on your victims if there bleeding out on the ground and they run around screaming yelling dialogue saying they are missing arms and ECT

Final Thoughts? – I like the Second game a hell of a lot more but Postal is interesting and a neat one for its time but it’s hard as hell even on easy mode. But not forgettable in anyway

Plot – None
Graphics – 70%
Shock Factor – 75%
Fun Factor – What kind of question is that?

My Verdict, Download torrent only... But on a major, Postal 2 is one of my favorite video games but took in a diffrent direction too be a first person shooter, Postal 3 I look foward to playing

Jesse’s “Postal” Score 50-100%

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