Monday, 29 August 2011

Mt. Sanbe -Hiking-

The mountain hike was organised to raise money for areas affected by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. I was surprised to see so many people turn out on the day, over a hundred of us!!! TBH twas a bit surreal standing on top of Mt. Sanbe with so many people from so many different countries cheering on Japan (thank God it wasn’t raining!). We made it tpp the top at 11:32 am on a sunday :) (easy climb)!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Serbian Film (Film Review)

Some people will say that this is nothing more than another way to shock and get recognition. People have said it since day one of shocking films and they will continue to do so. Be it "Cannibal Holocaust", "Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom", "Irréversible", "Guinea Pig", "August Underground's Mordum" or "Murder-Set-Pieces".

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Faces of Death 2 (Film Review)

Look for a fact this is my opinion and I can understand its IMDB score, The first film is one of my top 10 and I don’t have a problem admitting that. Yeah the squeals were unneeded but I still liked them… But I have no desire in seeing the 5th or 6th I heard they were awful (That and new footage). And I will never see “Traces of Death”…
Another fact I collect stuff to do with Mondo films and I love the genre even some people might easily say otherwise…..Still….

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (Film Review)

With a title like”Massacre in Dinosaur Valley” you would expect to see cheap little Stop-motion dinosaurs grazing about….But no I have Michele Massimo Tarantini somewhat entertaining Action-Adventure film about people who crash land and must make their way back to civilization while avoiding such dangers as Wild-Animals… Cannibals… and of course Slave Traders.
Happily, this Italo-Brazilian co-production offers all the trappings of the cannibal/jungle adventure genre without any animal killings.

Galaxy of Terror (Film Review)

“Galaxy of Terror”? Roger Corman somewhat Alien rip-off with a giant Cult Following for all the Pre-Famous people involved such as James Cameron (Who would be the films production designer). It was pretty good and entertaining and the kind of trash I love but it does have its massive flaws… These kinds of Roger Corman produced flicks are making their new life throw his Cult Classic collection on DVD and Blue Ray (This is my first buy and I LOVED IT!!!)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

After Death (Film Review)

“Zombie 4: After Death”? Again I’m not sure why they call it zombie 4 but overall it wasn’t horrible as what people say on the internet or in reviews. Claudio Fragasso does work great with low budget when he tries, So sit back and relax throw this hour and a half of none stop Zombie Violence!!!  None stop yes and low budget you can tell and stars a porn actor and an mature American and Italian cast…
But is still one of the last Zombie films made in Italy near the end of the cycle in 1989.

Black Demons (Film Review)

As much as I do like Umberto Lenzi I prefer his Crime and Giallo over his horrors and this was pretty much the last film he directed after retiring because he couldn’t take the producers always being in control of his films and wrecking his pictures. It’s not good but it is a worthy last film for him and again I don’t know why they called this “Demons 3” as well?
But I liked the classic feel to it and it did get creepy and that’s hard for Italians in the 1990s. Still Lenzi was good at making this one as always… and he did do a good job at incorporating an idea of slaves getting revenge.

The Ogre (Film Review)

One of Lamberto Bava’s television films…Thanks to Thirdman for the suggestion (One of my fav RT and online critics). Lamberto is the son of Mario Bava the unlimited director and Lamberto has adapted the talent his father has in filmmaking and easy, But like his Dad not all of his films are good. Though I have always asked the fact why the hell did they call this "Demons 3"? It has nothing to do with the rest.