Sunday, 25 September 2011

Goodbye Uncle Tom (In Depth Film Review)

In Goodbye Uncle Tom, two documentarists "travel" to the old American South and explore the slave economy. This world is recreated in all of its brutal and corrosive details, from the shipping to America of slaves in the hulls of ships - the sickening conditions with diarrhoea-ridden slaves chained in their own filth is emphasised - to the brothels where large Mammies coral underage girls for the delectation of white clients. The film is made on an enormous scale.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Yonggary (FIlm Review)

A Film really only Koreans could love…

Like all directors Shim Hyung-rae wanted to make a film based on his favourite monster or film and that being the 1967 Kaiju flick Yongary (He added an extra “Y” for his). So in 1999 he got too make the most expensive Korea film of its time with CGI and other cool shit only known as Yonggary.

Night of the Demon (Film Review)

People + Bigfoot = Shear fucking fun

I have been looking for a copy for a long time now, The DVD I ordered came from South Korea but it was horrible quality and it was cut in many places so this indicates it is just a rip from the British DVD but with None-Removable Korean Subs.