Saturday, 24 September 2011

Night of the Demon (Film Review)

People + Bigfoot = Shear fucking fun

I have been looking for a copy for a long time now, The DVD I ordered came from South Korea but it was horrible quality and it was cut in many places so this indicates it is just a rip from the British DVD but with None-Removable Korean Subs.


But Regardless I have taken a giant likening for this films Zero Budget working despite all this, it’s extremely obscure but it’s the best damn Bigfoot related film out there… Personally many would watch this Video Nasty for the Gore (Me included) but too make up for my Piss Poor DVD the story was more interesting than I have been told.

Anyway a Professor and his students embark on a journey to locate Bigfoot and learn more about the legend. But along the way Professor Nugent tell them horrible story’s about the acts of grizzly murder committed in these mountain parts by an unknown assailant…
But along the way they uncover the towns fuck up cult ceremony and Bigfoot himself.

I really had tough time writing about this one so the story and plot might not sound great, but to be fair it was my fav part about the film. It’s kind of like Dario Argneto goes American yet he isn’t known at all and it’s like Friday the 13th or any Slasher film but with a hairy ass sasquatch killing people. Confusing and disjointed but it still works. The acting isn’t perfect for sure but it isn’t horrible or average… Armatures yes but still.
The Special effects are gory but hardly convicting…( It landed as one of the many Video Nasty’s). I will try and see it Uncut someday so that’s why I can’t say much about this one from my Cut DVD (But all in all the penis ripping off scene was funny). Though their is still enough Carnage in the cut version for gore fans to love. Some okay music and the lighting for the darkness scene’s isn’t half bad.
Here are some facts I found

The version televised on the UK's Zone Horror channel was complete and uncut.

The original edit of the film included scenes a helicopter rescue of the remaining students after two were killed by the Bigfoot monster. The rescue sequence was headed by the town Sheriff (Paul Kelleher) and was followed by a scene between the Sheriff and Crazy Wanda (Melanie Graham) outside her cabin during which the Sheriff assures Crazy Wanda that Bigfoot is still alive and well. Those scenes were cut when the initial distributor determined that the film would be more commercial if all of students were killed by Bigfoot in a climatic bloodbath; except one who would live to tell the tale. As a result of these post-production changes, Paul Kelleher ("Deadly Pursuit", "Moonlight Murders") appears only briefly as the Sheriff in a walk-on bit when the students first arrive in the village. However, he is listed as a member of the principle cast in the opening credits which were completed before the alternate ending was inserted into the film.

The film was listed on the UK DPP 72 list of video nasties, and the 1994 Vipco video release was heavily cut by 1 min 41 secs by the BBFC to remove nearly all scenes of graphic violence including an arm removal, the castration of the cyclist, shots of disembowelment and bloody wounds, and a man's face being burnt on a stove. The later Vipco DVD release featured the same cut print.

Overall it is recommended by my standards and the people that love this trash but too me the story was more interesting than the gore and what not (That Bigfoot rape was amazingly messed up). My final verdict is a hit and miss but it’s up to you.

Jesse’s “Night of the Demon” score 78-100%

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