Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Postal (video game review)

No game series could became more legendry after Manhunt with Postal, A video game develop by a rather small production company “Running with Scissors” and debated at E3 and Tokyo Game Show in 1997 Postal and the series would soon takes its place as being one of the top 10 most controversial games of all time.
To coin with my blog, I decided now and then to review some video games… I’m not a fan but I need to build up on something and re-design my blog…. Now heres a Question "Have you Ever Had One of Those Days?"

Rats Night of Terror (film review)

Rats Night of Terror? After viewing this picture it’s only clear its just another Italian horror movie that found life in one guys cheap imagination and rushed quickly for Drive-In markets in America… What country? = Italy
From the mind of Bruno Mattei a director high up there with Ed-Wood comes his 80s cinematic trash with a hilarious idea that rarely if ever takes it self seriously… It’s Not Zombies like in Hell of the Living Dead his other picture or Aliens or people… Just Rats. A must view for any horror fan