Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Ogre (Film Review)

One of Lamberto Bava’s television films…Thanks to Thirdman for the suggestion (One of my fav RT and online critics). Lamberto is the son of Mario Bava the unlimited director and Lamberto has adapted the talent his father has in filmmaking and easy, But like his Dad not all of his films are good. Though I have always asked the fact why the hell did they call this "Demons 3"? It has nothing to do with the rest.

A simple story of a family who rent an old castle high in the mountains in Italy for the summer only to have the mum getting horrible nightmares from her child-hood and only to discover this was the place from her dreams when she was young. Then the Ogre comes along and starts killing people from the book she is writing…

A somewhat obscure horror movie that’s slowly finding its way to audiences across the world in English versions on DVD….I bought this in a triple pack that was worth the price. Now “The Orge” has some style to it with creepy settings and the look of the castle there in but I think it’s predictable and dull story really bores the shit out of me.
The acting is great with some nice direction to it but the dialogue is just corny and easy to know even before they say it. And our Ogre has less than 7 minutes of screen time throw the film easy...But he looks cool with the make-up but that’s it overall.

As I stated above I’m not sure how this passed its self-off as one of the Demons films but it’s not…Maybe just an attempt at marketing it more I think (But the screen title is still “The Ogre”)

I would only recommend this if you’re a fan of Italian horror or Gothic stuff… My final verdict is up to you.

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