Monday, 18 July 2011

Snuff (Film Review)

Despite what you read on the internet about these so called “Snuff films” are they real? In my opinion yes… There must be a film out there were a person has died without the out of a special effect in some Hollywood made film. But what coined this whole thing? Well many would think Michael Powell started this whole effect in “Pepping Tom” with a man who records his victims dying faces. But there is one movie filmed in Argentina in 1973 under the title of Slaughter.

Directed by Michael and Roberta Findlay there 3 cinema movie showing of their no doubt $30,000 dollar shit feast is no doubt the worst movie (or one of them) I have ever seen. I don’t think promotion was there strong suit for the film making team…So like many the film “Slaughter” disappeared.

But it wasn’t until 1975 producer Allan Shackleton decided to buy there film and sell it too Asian markets.
(Like so many most if Shackleton clients were Japanese)

 But they refused due to the lack of any strong content and gore. But after reading about Snuff films being produced in South America he rented a NYC loft and filmed in 1 day for only $10,000 dollars a new epilogue that would soon partly make Cinema History.
Say hallo to Allan Shackleton new version of Michael and Roberta Findlay’s film now titled “Snuff” and the tagline…”Made in South America, Where LIFE IS CHEAP!”

In the first week of its New York run, “Snuff” grossed $66,000 and outsold such hits as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” for three weeks straight, God not to mention its gross alone in Tokyo outselling Akira Kurosawa Russian production of “Dersu Uzala”.

So I sould start my review but what can I say? This movie is FUCKING HORRIBLE it’s not shocking, It took me 2 watches before I finally saw the famous ending and even by then I couldn’t stand it so I simply skipped to the end. The ending was worth it I will admit but the rest of the footage that Michael and Roberta Findlay filmed is just terrible.

Story… Sorry I didn’t quite mention what it was about, Don’t been intimidated by the title this so called Snuff film has nothing to do with the main plot. It’s like “Easy Rider” meets the Manson Family that’s it. The rest is just none stop fucking talking with plot wholes and a shit load of padding.

This so called Snuff scene doesn’t even happen till the end of the movie with the crew of the film slaughtering the actress after she films her last scene. Jesus Christ I live in Japan and it makes me wonder how the hell people sat throw this crap and how it could out-gross a film by Kurosawa.

Acting… OMG ITS FUCKING AWFUL (Not the ending part). There dubbed throw out the movie and this film is no doubt filmed without sound and then add everything later to save costs. But the scene that Allan Shackleton had film is pretty believable and cool.

Production… There is one scene were their at some Mardi Gra and the whole scene is no doubt stock footage you can tell. And the whole production values are some of the worst I have ever seen. Though some of the gore effects that the Finlay’s shot do look okay.
Shackleton scene is no doubt flawed but still very believable for its time with all the shaky camera work and the part were the girl is dismembered and THERE IS SOUND THANK GOD no dubbing.
Though Allan Shackleton is a genius for his marketing of this that made it a big hit and also trouble with Governments who demanded that he stick on a logo saying (no one was harmed during the making). But come backed it by letting the public decide.

Final… Shackleton scene is no doubt the most intriguing part about this whole film that so many tried to debate if it was real during the 70s and early 80s. Horrible movie you might as well skip to the ending.
Lol my DVD of this is even worse it’s simply a cover shaped like a brown paper bag that says “Snuff: Made in South America where Life is Cheap!” No photos at the back and nothing to tell you what the hell it’s about (Likely to make people buy it out of their own wrong mind).

Jesse’s “Snuff” Score 5-100%

The ending scene’s score 78-100%

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