Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mutant Girl Squad (Review)

“The Mutant Girl Squad”?! A very abnormal picture at least to say with by porn director or action “Film maker” Noboru Iguchi…And of course two other directors (for each chapter)…Yoshihiro Nishimura and Tak Sakaguchi.

I must admit I was kind of hated it not as good as “Tokyo Gore Police” or any others they did but for strange mother fuckers this film is excitingly awesome. I will kind of keep this review short.

Let’s just say…The story is divided into 3 chapters (3 directors) and its all about a school girl named Rin who happens to be a human born mutant girl (Her arm is deadly). And she gets caught up in a conspiracy with other Mutant girls of her type and she joins a clan after her parents are slaughtered by the military that counteract these Mutants.

Though she wants to put an end to the killing of Mutants and Humans for once and all.

Story…It might sound somewhat really cool to be fair it good really boring half way and it loess itself with undeed scenes that just DRRAAGGG ON.

The direction is great and it’s a nice homepage to these kinds of films from the 70s but it just takes way to long before the film finishes this was my only negative side to it…And it got really wired.

Acting…I have met all 3 of the leads before in real life…Though I can’t deny the acting is poor and some things distract you from the story that’s directed at them. Though lol one major positive is that there all hot. I would only truly recommended the film for them lol.

Production…A nice score and soundtrack really fast moving and the gore is so excesses its just not funny. But it looks really good nether less but it gets funny because of how fake it starts to look (Being funny I guess…). Again maybe cut the film by 15 minutes and could have worked pretty smoothly along with the acting… The fight scenes are okay at most.

Some nice makeup and costumes is a very positive thing I can say but the CGI looks all but too fake most times.

Final…I would recommend some of the directors other work such as “The Machine Girl” or RoboGiesia that ARE JUST CLASSICS! But some of their films don’t work, Directed to DVD and sounds pretty cool but it just drags on…

Jesse’s “Mutant Girl Squad” score 52-100%

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