Monday, 18 July 2011

Film Ratings (18th of July) and other stuff.

I haven't really had much of a watching week just all work but i can finally get back to my blog thank god. And in other news i finally watched some things i have had for months just sitting there Un-Watched but now the time...

What Have you Done to Solange ---95%---

OMG this film is near perfect, Massimo Dallamano direction is amazing and one of the best Giallo's i have seen from the 70s. My friend on RT Thridman suggested i should see it right away after i told him i had it. I might right a review soon.

Snuff ---5%---

The Mountain of the Cannibal God ---78%---

What happened to 007 Bond girl Ursula Andress??? Well i think by watching this you will surely find out and of course Stacy Keach. Great acting and plot despite some flaws but another great from one of my 10 directors Sergio Martino.

Faces of Death ---80%---

I must admit i have been putting off watching this for ages, I just didn't feel like i needed to be another that saw this. But i must admit its IMDB score is somewhat shocking from its very smart narration. I watched the first 4 films some interesting stuff i am writing a review now.


  1. Thank you ;3
    Sry my english isn't very good. So... I can not say everything I think about (for example wolves).
    I try to do the best I can ;D

  2. Nice work Jesse, what on earth is this "Snuff" thing? I've never heard of it lol.

  3. Matt...I wrote a review have a look if you have the time...It's a very poor movie that looks shocking and thanks!