Saturday, 18 June 2011

Forbidden World (film review)

What can I say? It’s a low budget Roger Corman produced film for New World Pictures just ripping of Alien like other films cashing in on its mega success at the box office like the Italian-German production of Contamination and so many others in the wake.
Now I hadn’t really heard much of this before watching it but I have seen Contamination another Alien rip-off for its time but what made this experiences even better is that my local cinema was playing this for a day only special. I live in a very small community next to the ocean and to have Forbidden World play there is just amazing.

Well Forbidden World is some really campy stuff with cheap visual effects and using set’s left over from Corman’s last produced film Galaxy of Terror. With some very cheap scares and monster’s Forbidden World proves to be a fun ride for the viewer.  

In the distant future, a genetic research station is located on the remote desert planet of Xarbia, and a research team has created an experimental lifeform they have designated "Subject 20". This lifeform was built out of the synthetic DNA strain, "Proto B", and was intended to stave off a galaxy-wide food crisis. However, Subject 20 mutates rapidly and uncontrollably and has killed all of the laboratory subject animals before cocooning itself within an examination booth. After Subject 20 hatches from its cocoon, it begins killing the personnel at the station, starting with the lab tech charged with cleansing the subject lab of the dead animal test subjects.
Professional troubleshooter Mike Colby is called down to the planet to help with there problem only to have the creature break lose and begins to devour and kill the reaming people.

Story… Well it does sound kind of like Alien right? Well it pretty much just rip’s of everything about it but Corman demanded more gore and nudity and that very unneeded lesbian shower scene but that’s Corman for you. With it’s ultra fun story you can expect quite a ride but it can get somewhat slow with some very unneeded scenes…
(I haven’t seen the long version of this Mutant yet but I will soon if I ever get the chance)

But overall it has some decent enough character development and story. I cant really argue with the final result.

Direction… It’s got nothing short of pretty bad acting with some nice direction but that can’t make up for “Linden Chiles” screaming horribly when she is running down a corridor and she runs into the mutant. What really more can I say? It’s a Roger Corman produced film use your imagination on direction XD

Production… The Special Effects are outstanding I’m not quite sure what critics mean by bad Special Effects that are excellent for a low budget film like. Though the set’s they are standing on are just reused from Galaxy of Terror.
What else can I say about the films production? The music is pretty techno like and some interesting to listen too but can be annoying if used in the wrong scene… The editing isn’t too bad but I do hate how fast it is. I think we all can relies that the Mutant (Alien) is nothing short of a carbon copy of Alien’s alien but with some extra detail and eyes to go with it, nothing that scares you but still amazing to look at. The gore is over the freken top but still impressive if it wasn’t for the bad acting/

Final… Look so worth the yen I spent to see this ultra epic yet bad movie that is nothing short of a copy cat film but overall I recommended seeing it. And for my readers that live overseas seeing it the cinema’s is the only way to watch it!

Jesse’s “Forbidden World” Score 77-100%

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