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The Beast in Heat (Film Review and Overview)

Well I have had this on my Laptop for a long time just sitting there in its folder unwatched and unnoticed for about 1 year now, I’m not a fan of this Nazi-exploitation stuff but I admit I did like Ilsa-She wolf of the SS.
No I didn’t download it… One of my friends gave it to me and called it fun… My friend Kenta surely misses what phrases the word fun. The Beast in Heat (SS Hell Camp) isn’t it but it does provide a mildly good entertaining time. It’s really nothing but Z-Grade stuff from start to finish.
I will personally just pan out my review with a little overview of the film… Also co-written by my friend Akira! We had some time to write this while watching so Enjoy!

We jotted down some notes about “Luigi Baztella's” The Beast in Heat, which is easily the cumulative apex of both the Italian Nazi Exploitation idiom and Euro War sub-genres all wrapped up into one:

1) The movie is an exercise in applied bad taste ranking up there with “Umberto Lenzi's” CANNIBAL FEROX or maybe PAINT YOUR WAGON as one of the silliest movies ever made about a potentially serious subject. Anyone who is offended by it is too stupid for their own good, and I wonder how they might get through the day without hurting themselves or accidentally blowing something up.

2) During WW2 there was apparently an ultra-secret Nazi medical experiments division headed by outrageously sexy female bisexual dominatrix type Gruppenfuhrers (here personified by the undeniably arousing “Macha Magall:, in grave need of a proper spanking for being so naughty) who looked great strutting around in Nazi regalia and spent many hours perfecting the act of crossing & uncrossing their garter/hose encased legs, sexually harassing their subordinates, and sucking on phallic cigarette holders. We are lucky we won.

3) The star of the film is Monkeyboy (veteran character actor “Salvatore Baccaro”, who was able to convincingly play simian characters without any special makeup or costuming), a name given by one of my drinking buddies to the half ape half man crossbreed creature injected with a serum that enhances it's libido to the point where the thing just exists to hump whatever females are thrown into it's cage. The Nazis then stand around and watch the proceedings while taking notes. Just what they hope to achieve by this experiment -- and just how they cross bred an ape with a human so quickly -- is sadly never addressed during the film's duration.

4) The movie is actually 2 or 3 or 4 movies edited down into about 85 minutes of screen time. The most watchable segments of Mr. “Batzella's” truly awful 1970 Euro War failure WHEN THE BELL TOLLS with “Brad 'Zambo'” Harris are combined with newsreel and stolen war movie footage to pad out the approximately 40 minutes of stock exposed for the principal action of the film. Harris must have taken a swing at Mr. “Batzella” after being informed he was included in this film & viewing the results, and be sure to check out how one character's hair style and costuming changes between scenes taken from one or the other project. Seven years really is a long time.

5) Nazi storm troopers often amused themselves by tossing babies into the air for target practice with their Italian made Baretta machine guns. They may have been evil fucks but they knew a good time when they saw it and managed to find a few laughs in between extermination roundups, where the first thing they would do would be to separate out all of the young hotties to be molested by their lesbian dominatrix Gruppenfuhrers. Talk about rank having it's privileges.

6) The film is an extension of the Italian Euro War agenda of painting the Italians not as Nazi collaborators who eventually wizened up but as the Good Guys. This is done not by depicting their own story of coming around to the program of stopping totalitarianism, but by painting the Nazis as the most evil, vile, depraved menace possible with one War Is Hell sequence after the other. The Italians may have been bad but they weren't as bad as the Nazis, and this movie is part of their proof.
She screams in a corny line "Stop it your hurting me".

7) Guinea pigs will consume the intestines of attractive Italian B movie actresses when placed on their abdomens.

8) Monkeyboy totally rulez this movie, and his climactic encounter with “Macha Magall” has a kind of Hitchcockian inevitability to it that wraps everything up. The best way to watch BEAST IN HEAT is to glom onto the DVD version so you can fast-forward through the filler material and concentrate on the scenes of Nazi depravity -- which is the whole reason to watch it in the first place -- since the history being depicted is about as realistic as a Three Stooges short. A Cliffnotes version of BEAST IN HEAT should be executed, distilling the film down to its core 40 minutes of nonstop hilarity.

9) The main reason that the Nazi Exploitation idiom is viewed with such disdain is due to the subject matter, which many have deigned to be "sacred". The Video Nasty label wasn't applied here so much for gruesomeness or sexualized content, but for the attitude of daring not to take the subject of Nazi war atrocities with the seriousness it is due. And it bears repeating again that anyone who is offended by this movie is probably a moron for having chosen to watch a movie called SS HELL CAMP it in the first place. If you want to watch something serious about Nazi atrocities dial up the History Channel next time for Pete's sake.

By the end its nothing but a 3/10 from Akira but then again for me this gets a 5/10… It’s funny enough trash for any fans of this stuff out there.

Oh yes before closing I noticed something odd when it comes to this Z-Grade irony… If you observe the Swastika you can clearly see the Camera (Is Mr. “Baztella” really that stupid?). When it came to editing… HOW THE FUCK COULD HE HAVE NOT SEEN THAT???

Its a longer scene but one still sums up the directors well direction. 
Jesse’s The Beast in Heat score 5/10…….Akira’s The Beast in Heat score 3/10

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