Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cannibal Holocaust (Review)

One tends to look at this as the most horrific and disgusting motion picture in cinema history by far, And the director “Ruggero Deodato” went to jail because it was believed the actors were killed on camera by real life savages who ate and slaughtered the entire filming cast. But then again is it all too true? One might simply look at this as the greatest social society commentary in history.

Our starting certainly shows Man is proud at his creations… New York City is the best example of that, People in that big city bust day to day with their Jobs and life’s… People Pack the streets (Along with Car after Car), But do we realise there is a place where time stopped maybe 4 to 5 thousand years ago!
This place is only a few hours from New York City and it is called The Green Inferno and it’s in Brazil.
Two story’s take place in this film…

Alen Yates team before leaving

New Station-This One is about the search into the jungle to find 5 missing filmmakers who were making a documentary on cannibalism, After a few months they never shows up again so this search team of 3 is after them but after nothing they only find their film reels.

Alan Yates-This footage they find might just be the most shocking thing you have ever seen, But ask yourself is it all too true?

-Story: I think by the end I can call this the most screwed up film ever made with all those ultra-shocking images of death and of course real animal murders, But also question your world? Is this film all about society and how another sees it? There is a starting scene showing how different New York City is to the jungle and a native’s world and of course how white men think they can control everything their but until they finally stand up for themselves.
Alan Yates team are a perfect example of that, They raped a young native girl and burnt some alive yet the innocent Fay on their team gets brutally raped and gutted and eaten even though she had nothing to do with what they did… But Oh well get fucked and be fucked (As my father Kinji would put it).

-Acting: I’m not going to lie it starts of flat but our X-Porn actor Robert Kerman (Debbie Does Dallas) but show us he can act and his performance is flawless to put it. Again it’s a flat start but the longer it gets in the better it gets. Though for the rest such as the beautiful Francesca Ciardi they are pretty good for our Camera side of the story.

-Production: Ruggero Deodato said that filming this in the jungle is the hardest thing he ever did. But after I saw those savages impale that guy with a stick and come out of the trees I was surely convinced they were the real deal and how they just pull him apart and eat him. The Impalement scene is without a doubt the greatest special effect ever and I am sure so many can agree of its controversy and brilliance.
The music score is the biggest mystery to fans all across the world including my home country of Japan (my friends), Why Deodato used such beautiful music even for the most graphic scenes you could ever see and Riz Olman agreeing to it… My opinion is to get people attention to such horrific thing by making it art or implying society and its effect. Those Savages or Natives are some of the most realistic and most fucked up thing you could ever see… You might even call them the real deal in ones mind.

Look overall I’m not sure if I can recommend it but if you won’t a commentary on our way of life and there’s I think you should see it but moly this is only for the curios or die-hard fans of gore.


  1. Fuck man. I think this film will interfere with my sense of well being so I'm going to stay away from it.

  2. Great review Jesse,

    I don't think I could handle this film at all. I really can't stomach gore and stuff.
    Those pics alone put me off!

    It does seem like an important film, but I still doubt I'll watch it.

  3. *Rohit- i don't blame you with that one by far or a lot.

    *Jack- I don't blame you Jack i regreat watching it a lot but its so damn true to ignore. Though keep it in Mind for one day. And oh yes This review was a Work In Progress so sorry for some errors in it.