Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blood Feast (Film Review)

I would like to keep this review short, And I had this on my Laptop for some time and I finally decided to watch it. But I think across the world many critics would hate to admit Blood Feast is likely one of the top 10 most influential films of the 20th century or all time for that matter! But many would ask why? Well because Blood Feast introduced gore… And the amount of explicit blood, gore and violence and even more it was the first movie to be banned because of it.
 Mark Kermod wrote… “Hay the movie is horrible, but it’s the first of its type and it will still go down in the history books”.

A young Women gets home from a hard day at work only to here on the radio another girl has been found butchered and dismembered in an isolated area in Florida. So she shuts it off and has a bath only to be attack by an intruder Fuad Ramses who kills her with a machete and cuts off her legs.

The Worlds First Crazed Killer

Meanwhile the local detective is on the serial killer case trying to catch this person before he can strike again.

BTW Here is a history lesson for you all (No spoilers).  Fuad Ramses our killer prays to Egyptian god Ishtar but interestingly enough Ishtar is Babylonian so director “Herschell Gordon Lewis” must have tried to incorporate the story to make it Egyptian so that explains that very inaccurate story at the lecture.

-Story…Its flawed and very crude from start to finish and the movie only runs for an hour, But it offers a great time at least to say. I don’t really care how accurate one wants it to be all I care is if I enjoy it or not.

Shocking for the 1963!
 -Acting…The acting is horrible; Our leads really can’t act for shit. But again it’s the first of its type and it explored something that not actor has ever been in before. Still a big downside to the film but who cares really?

-Production…The films camera rarely if ever moves and their so standard it’s not funny. The music is pretty good least to say, I had it as my Ring Tone once upon a time.
Again the film is crude but it will always be remember for its gore and a shit load of it, The killings look okay and with Fuad Ramses being the first ever movie maniac with a knife. Terrible lighting and sound effects though you can hear the eco in the sound room.

-Final…Look its crap but the first movie ever to do this…Still worth a watch for any film fan.

Jesse’s Blood Feast score 7/10

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  1. Lol. Fuck it. There's no way I'm watching this. That pic is repulsive.