Wednesday, 4 May 2011

2019-After the Fall of New York (Film Review)

I am very interested in Italian Cinema and their work from the 80s and 70s or even 60s have become some of my favourite and most watched films I have seen over my 17 years. My all-time favourite genre is of course the Giallo genre (The Backbone of Italian Cinema) the Italian mystery films of the early days. But of course I love a whole range of Italian Genres from Italian-Horror right to Fantasy right down to many of the crap low budget crime and Action films.
But Jesse is proud to review Sergio Martino big budget Italian Blockbuster and his most infamous film that helped the acclaimed Children of Men and of course kick-stared the Italian Post-Apocalyptic craze of the 80s (with some of Jesse favourites) 2019: After The Fall Of New York. And if you haven’t heard of it director Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men), Alfonso wanted to remake this some time ago but made another film with the same story really. So if you haven’t heard of this I think Jesse is doing his Job.

So set in the year 2019 no human child has been born for just over 18 years since then and 20 years have passed since the nuclear holocaust that destroyed society and breaking it down into more than one fraction across the world.
The Euraks are mostly a massive Asian fraction of this world that tend to control most of America and their base of operations and controlling NYC ruins in the future… While the Americans Liberation section control Alaska and are planning on leaving (If I told you where you wouldn’t believe me). They have an idea of course that to save the human race there is a fertile woman living in NYC somewhere… And like always there are 3 people they send in and they have 72 hours before they leave to find and get out before they leave to their safe zone at a sanctuary.     

-Story…One thing I have notice is the way Italians always try to capsize on the success of many things to create versions of their own, Example will always be director Joe D’ Ameto’s “Ator” films that where ripping off Conan the barbarian. But Sergio Martino’s film 2019 kind of rips off “Planet of the Apes”….”Escape from New York”….And of course “Star Wars”. But I must say Sergio did an amazing job with his Ideas and the budget at hand.
But alternately the story never lacks with action, violence, Character Development and the way it’s filmed of course. And in all respect this movie is better than “Escape from New York” personally I just liked the idea in this more.

-Acting… The acting is pretty good with such limited direction and the acting debut of American Actor Michael Sopkiw who would only go on to star in 3 more films after this…But stunningly Michael become a big hit with Asian audiences and the posters of him sold more than the actual film at the time in Japan, Thailand, China ETC. Our other actors are of course Anna Kanakis and well known Italian actor George Eastman. Their performances are pretty solid despite the dubbing that depends on the version you watch.

-Special Effects…I am not going to Lie Sergio Martino ideas are bigger than his films and of course the budget at hand. But he manages to get every technical shot in there that he needed and a matter of fact this was the first Italian film to use computer generated imagery for the Holland tunnel ending climax. Though the starting scene showing the ruins of NYC might look a bit out-dated with the miniatures but they still hold up well and their still impressive for its time. Some of the fight scenes are a bit ridicules but entertaining to watch.  Some of the car chase scenes are excellent to watch and even better for the ending scene.
BTW there music I never heard anything more techno in a film.

-Final…So overall a great action film that I think needs a bit more recognition than what it has now these days.  Don’t get your hopes up many see it differently.

Jesse on this films score…..9/10 (Italian action films at their best)

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  1. Doesn't really sound like a film I would like, since i'm not the biggest of action fans. But great review, and nice blog.