Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dr. Lamb (Film Review)

Dr. Lamb was another CAT III Hong Kong film I bought at a Chinese DVD store along with a few other nasties just for fun. And it’s not the first time I have heard of it either, It had a Cinema release here but the censored version was even bashed by our government and banned. But surfaced a year later Cut by 8 minutes and played in China town theatres.

But is Dr. Lamb like the most creative and smartest horror mystery film ever made in a while? Possibly and personally I was just assuming from what I read it was Hong Kong torture porn but no…

An abnormal taxi driver lusts for blood every rainy night, and several young women are killed as a result. The muderer, Laiu, likes to take photos of the victims dismembered bodies as momentos. Inspector Lee is called onto the case but finds a world of Lies and the underworld of Hong Kong at night.

DR. Lamb is often funny, Creative, Sick, Stupid and anything you can throw into this feature length flick. I must admit the films only bad point was that it got slow but it has a raving good story that kept me interested throw its length.

The acting is great and we have veteran actor Danny Lee on the film (as well as directing), I normally don’t care for comic relief in a film but oh shit the fat police officer was funny. You can see the direction and where Se7en gets its influence. Some creepy music and excellent direction from this one of a kind, the Special effects are great… Though I haven’t seen this Uncut but still pretty gruesome stuff.
Here are some facts I found

Was cut by Hong Kong censor to tone down the gore but all the necrophilia and Paedophilia scene remained.

Was cut by Australian censors by over 8 minutes.

Has finally surfaced Uncut in German that was mastered by an Uncut Spanish VHS.

Overall you want a good mystery thriller with a couple of Laughs and a great time see this Exploitation CAT III film that will leave you speechless. My final verdict is Recommend!

Jesse’s DR. LAMB score 91%-100

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