Monday, 24 October 2011

A*P*E (film review)

Not to be confused with KING KONG

You know watching a giant Gorilla attack Seoul with poor production values and effect's and A*P*E is a film that just doesn't take it's self seriously and oh my GOD KOREAN MONSTER FILM'S ARE HORRIBLE!!! But A*P*E on the other hand (Also known as The Great Counter Attack of King Kong) proves to be well...Fun at least. And I learnt a lot while watching this.
BTW I think out Korean King Kong has to be the best part about this flick.

So a Giant boat just off the coast of Korea explodes in a hail of fire unleashing a Giant 36ft Ape (WHO WAS TORN FROM HIS JUNGLE HOME!). He battles a shark in the most epic fight scene in HISTORY! Then he makes his way to a coastal town and wreck's it!
Meanwhile an American actress is in Korea to shoot a movie and she meet's her guide Tom another American living there. Meanwhile again the Gorilla is making his way to the countryside and wreck's and destroys some villages along the way. The Korean and American army do very little because they take it as a joke and one say's...."Ask him if his name is King Kong!" He also battles a GIANT SNAKE!!!
At the movie set American actress Marilyn is filming her scene and the Gorilla (Ape) is watching her as he sits in a tree. He takes her and she escapes back to the city and the GORRILA! Starts making his way to the city with all the destruction HAPPENS!

A*P*E is a horrible movie no doubt, All you need to do is think of King Kong that's it. Korean monster films are horrible no doubt look at D-War but still A*P*E is a fun movie no doubt and I learnt a lot while watching this... One think is that a lot of American's live in Korea and a American man and Korean girl go back to her place but only to have the A*P*E bust down the apartment. The acting isn't too bad but the dubbing and there Korean accents are horrible.

Still A*P*E is still Kaiju. The special effects are horrible but I will say the Miniatures don't look that bad, No doubt Cardboard when A*P*E brakes them down in the city. The Monkey suit is funny and I LOVE THIS GORRILA!!!
The fight scene like in Kaiju film are bad he only flops around a giant shark for 30 seconds (Dead no doubt).
He throws a giant snake at the camera and the thing falls down, Still I like them. A*P*E changes size throughout the film one minute he is just as big as 36ft and the next he just about towers of the city buildings (That and the live action process of bring an image onto the same screen bleeds right throw him). The film's soundtrack isn't too bad I like the opening theme.
Here are some facts I found.

Originally shot in 3-D.

The filmmakers hoped to cash in on 'Dino de Laurentiis (I)'' 1976 remake of King Kong (1976). That film turned out to be a bust, and Ape was an even bigger disaster

A 3D video version has been released under the title 'Hideous Mutant'

The movie pitted the titular giant ape against a huge great white shark, meant to take a shot at Jaws, a movie made a year earlier about a giant shark. A famous cover of Famous Monsters of Filmland even addressed this scene.

The film was announced it was going to be called The New King Kong as it was advertised by a teaser poster. When RKO got wind of this, they filed a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit against the company.

Overall it’s terrible regardless but to me it’s interesting and it’s a none stop Korean Shit-Feast but better than the 76 version of King Kong. If you’re a fan of Bad Films or Just Korean Films in general you might want to check it out.

Jesse’s A*P*E score... 75-100%

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  1. interesting review, Korea definately are...different when it comes to their films